Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 Key Reasons to Give Pearl Jewelry as a Gift

Some people tend to be overly preoccupied with gemstones when it comes to jewelry. For example, when looking for a pendant, some might obsess over a trinket with a diamond or ruby, or might do the same when it comes to earrings and bracelets. Thankfully, many eventually discover the beauty and versatility of pearl accessories. Once more people begin to consider all the amazing things that pearls can offer, they will realize just how much they are missing. Nowadays, when people are looking to give a gift to a good friend or family member, many make sure to also consider pearl options. Here are five key reasons for that.

1. Pearls are Beautiful in a Softer Way

One of the things that stand out about pearls is that they offer a kind of beauty, which can be very different from the look that gemstones have. For gems to achieve their potential, they need to be cut, ground and polished. The resulting look can be somewhat geometric, linear and a bit cold. Pearl jewelry, on the other hand, offers elegance and beauty, which is much softer. There is no need for cutting or grinding here. Instead, the pearl achieves its beauty based on its own intrinsic appearance. This is a beauty that many gift recipients will appreciate whether it comes in the form of a freshwater pearl necklace, an akoya pearl bracelet or a lovely set of pearl earrings.

2. Pearls are Overtly Connected to the Natural World

Many people love the idea of wearing jewelry and accessories that are more natural, and which possess clear links to the natural environment. This is why necklaces and bracelets made with bits of shell and polished rock continue to be so popular. There's a very natural look to them, and this is also something that pearl accessories achieve. Whether it's a pearl necklace, ring or bracelet, the connection with the sea is undeniable. For someone who loves the beach and ocean, pearl sets make for excellent gift ideas.

3. Pearl Jewelry Comes in Many Forms

The versatility of pearl jewelry is something that will be appreciated by people looking for the perfect gift. This means that there will always be a pearl gift that will be appropriate, no matter the occasion or no matter who the recipient is. If someone wants to give an item that is more formal and elegant, it's hard to go wrong with a necklace made up of a string of pearls. Or for someone looking for a more low-key gift, a pearl pendant or set of small pearl earrings could be a good choice.

4. Pearl Jewelry Comes in Many Colors and Looks

Many people imagine pearl accessories in the classic white or a similar color, but the reality is that these beautiful objects come in an abundance of colors. This opens the door to many possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching this type of jewelry with different outfits and occasions. This is another area where pearls showcase their versatility.

5. Pearl Jewelry Comes in a Wide Range of Prices

This is a practical but very important consideration when it comes to gift-giving. After all, it's generally not a good idea to break the bank when purchasing a gift. Pearl sets and pieces come in many price points, which means that a person can choose something lovely and elegant, no matter what the budget may be.

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