Friday, June 19, 2015

Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin

Many people are now realizing that essential oils have beneficial qualities for the skin. The advantage of using these oils is that they can work for all types of skin, particularly in the deeper skin levels so as to feed the new and developing skin cells. Read on below and find out the advantages of using these oils and why you should consider aromatherapy gifts.

Bergamot – This is among the well-known essential oils, and you may have already seen this name on most leading perfumes. Besides being known for its appealing fragrance, bergamot has potent antiviral effects that can help in fight off cold sores and also reducing bacteria and acne presence on your skin.

Rose – Rose essential oil is excellent skincare oil for aging or sensitive skin. While this oil is quite hard to find and can be a bit costly, it is among the best gift ideas since it can considerably improve skin quality. It can even assist in making stretch marks; scars and acne marks start fading away.

Clary sage – This is not a very popular essential oil, but if you start using it today you will wish you had known about it sooner. This is because it is part of the group of essential oils that reduce inflammation, balance oil production in the skin and also make your skin look younger.

Geranium – This particular essential oil has several uses like healing wounds, eliminating body odor and also fading unappealing spots and scars on the skin. Its flowery scent is so calming, which makes it popular for use as aromatherapy gifts.

Jasmine – In addition to making your skin look and feel amazing, jasmine essential oils are also associated with crating a romantic mood. This means you can use as an aphrodisiac and also for fading marks and scars.

Rosehip – If you want a unique and effective essential oil that is highly recommended for aromatherapy gifts, then you should choose rosehip oil. It contains vitamin C and Omega 3, which are known for regenerating skin cells so as to minimize fine lines, reduce signs of ageing and also boost collagen production.

Sandalwood –This oil has been used since the Biblical times, as it was known for its strong healing properties. You can now use it as gift ideas as it has calming properties that help to heal, reduce and revive dull skin. It can also be used on hair for restoring moisture and shine.

Eucalyptus – Even though not many people know about aromatherapy gifts that involve eucalyptus essential oil, it has proven to be very efficient helping with acne problems. It can even help you ease headaches and migraines.

The additional benefit of using essential oils is that they have multi-purposes, besides serving as very efficient skincare products.

Note: Essential oils should not be applied undiluted to the skin. They should be diluted in proper carrier oils based on defined mixing ratios. Better still, purchase our skin care products that already contain essential oil ingredients. Our JOLIEVE skin care products contain botanical extracts and essential oils. Shop for amazing gift ideas today. Plus visit our Gifts Ready To Go Blog to read more articles on essential oils.

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