Thursday, July 30, 2015

10 Ways to Positively Inspire Others

When it comes to inspiring others, there are many different ways that you can reach them. To inspire is to bring out the best that your friends and family have to offer. Of course, the best source of inspiration is the example that you set, but it does help if you expand your efforts towards including others in your activities.

From gifts to challenges to simple reminders, inspiration comes in many different forms and it pays to put forward a giving effort when it comes to your friends, family and co-workers. Here are 10 excellent ways to inspire others and help them reach their goals while helping you achieve your own.


When you are speaking to others, challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone so that they can achieve their dreams. You can push them to try new things, have them overcome obstacles they’ve never faced before or simply encourage them to do their best. In any case, you are helping to better themselves in your efforts to challenge them which will only turn out for the best.


Unless you demonstrate how much you care, then it becomes far more difficult to inspire people to go above and beyond what they normally will do. You can show how much you care through gifts or other forms of expression, but the goal is to focus on what is in their best interest. By demonstrating that you care, you will find it easier to interact with them so that they can do their best.


People are better led when they are listened to and their concerns acknowledged. This does not mean you have to kowtow to what they want to do, but instead you will get a better idea of their concerns so you can better influence them into doing what needs to be done. Sometimes all it takes is a little listening to unlock the potential in a person and see them become inspired.


Raising expectations may seem counterproductive on the surface, but frankly it is one of the best ways to get the most out of people’s efforts. By communicating that the expectation level has been raised, you are bringing out the best in those who will be inspired to do more and push further than ever before. Be positive when you raise the expectation level and frame it as what you believe they can do.


While sticking to your convictions is noble, that does not mean you lack flexibility. There will be times when you need to be courageous and have to consider options that become available in order to get the job done. This will require courage on your part, but in the end it is the goal that matters and as long as the path is noble and right, then how a person gets there is not that important.


Showing your vulnerabilities when they apply in the area where you need people to step up can be quite inspiring. In fact, it is one of the best ways to help show others that living a meaningful, important life does not mean being perfect or invulnerable. But instead, that someone who has vulnerabilities can still inspire others to do their best.


While you may be the inspiration, everyone who contributes must be recognized for their efforts. So, share the credit with them which will inspire them even further. Sharing the credit does not diminish your efforts, if anything it makes them even more impressive because you lead a team of people to accomplish their goals as well. For those who want to really excel in life, sharing is one of the most important gifts that you can make. Share a gift of love today.


Another way to help others is by sharing the influences that have guided you. From meaningful books, stories, leaders and speakers, by sharing your influences you are helping others become inspired like you as well. Tell them how these influences have affected your life and share the experience so that others can also learn and grow from the knowledge. It may be only a single, short quote that brings out 
the best in a person.


Personal integrity is paramount to your efforts in succeeding, not to mention in pulling along others to reach their goals as well. This means that you need to speak the truth, but do so in a way that offers hope and promise and does not delve into the negative. This means that you’ll need to ignore the gossip and rise above the negativity and petty politics that drag down the efficiency of the business effort. By rising above it and showing your integrity, you can help elevate the efforts of your co-workers, family and friends to do their best as well.

Take a Stand

When it comes right down to it, you must show your convictions if you want to really inspire others. You will need to show what you find inspiring and the path it takes to get there so that others will also be inspired as well. It will take some courage, but that is what everyone needs to find success, so start with yourself and build upon what you are doing so that your efforts will then inspire others to reach their personal goals as well as reaching past their limits to become the success that you want them to be.

Giving your time, effort and energy will help others become inspired to do more and exceed their expectations. Some of the best gift ideas are ones that spring from this effort and you can make the most of your inspirational efforts by focusing on the details that can really reach into others and bring out the best that they have. From simple gifts to listening to what they have to say, you can be inspirational in what you do by focusing on the task at hand and communicating its importance. A little effort towards inspiring others can go a long way toward achieving your own personal goals.

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