Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aromatherapy - Lavender Essential Oil – Benefits and Uses

The unique properties of lavender essential oil have been used over the years to reduce stress, eliminate pain and disinfect the skin and scalp as well. Plus, this unique essential oil will actually enhance blood pressure and even treat respiratory illnesses when used as part of an essential oil diffuser.

But what is lavender essential oil and why does it provide so many benefits to the mind and body? The truth is that this simple flower offers a powerful way to help people get through the day.

What is Lavender Essential Oil?

The essential oil has been drawn from the lavender flower through a process known as steam distillation. This means that the fragrance and essence of the lavender flower is part of the oil that is created. The oils have been used for perfume for many centuries and lavender is one of the most popular.

However, it was discovered through the use of essential oil diffuser products noting the powerful aromatherapy aspects that this particular oil provides. Today, there are many different lavender essential oil products on the market today that either uses pure lavender or a mixture with other products.

In addition to using pure essential oil, many of these products are mixed and used with pine, clary sage, nutmeg, geranium, bergamot, orange and more. You can find lavender essential oils used in lotions, soaps, gels and infusion products as well.

The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

There are a number of advantages that lavender oils bring thanks to its unique qualities. For many, these are the perfect products to use in a great variety of situations.

Calm Effect: Arguably the most noticeable effect from these essential oils is how calm people become when exposed. This means that many people who suffer from stress or undo anxiety can really benefit from the exposure to lavender essential oils through aromatherapy. A little after a long day can go a long way towards calming your nerves.

Restful Sleep: The essential oil from lavender helps to induce a deeper, more restful sleep that you will certainly enjoy. In fact, it has been used as a treatment for insomnia. Plus, there are no side effects or need to use lavender on a regular basis, which normal sleeping pills will incur.

Pain Relief: One of the most enjoyable aspects of these essential oils is how much pain relief they bring. From sore and tense muscles to joint pain, a little bit of diluted lavender essential oil rubbed on the area can help reduce inflammation and therefore provide much needed relief.

Repel Bugs: The very smell of lavender is enough to repel most moths, mosquitoes and midges which otherwise would be swirling about. You can apply the lavender essential oil directly to the skin, which will not only repel the bugs, but also provide some relief in case you have been bitten.

Improved Blood Circulation: This alone brings many benefits to the body as any soreness in the muscles is healed, the brain activity is raised to a higher level and the overall state of being also improves as well. For many, this is one of the greatest benefits from using lavender in its essential oil form. You may even feel younger and more energetic when it is used in this manner. 

Acne and General Skin Care: The antiseptic qualities of lavender oils come into play when dealing with a number of skin issues. This means for those who suffer from acne for example, the lavender will help destroy bacteria and clear away the clogged pores which not only reduce the appearance of acne, it will improve the overall tone of the skin as well. Using lavender soaps and other, similar products is an easy way to help keep your skin clean and clear. This is especially true when combined with other natural elements that enhance the effect of the lavender.

Better Urine Flow: Because it helps stimulate the effect on the production of urine, lavender can actually help reduce the issues that plague men and women who have disrupted urine flow. The body is put back into balance and these particular issues fade which can in turn avoid more serious issues with the body. Proper urine flow is essential to good, overall health and wellbeing.

Hair Care: For brighter, shinier and healthier hair, few products have the ability to really improve the follicles like lavender. The natural antiseptic qualities combined with the gentle oil that removes dirt and debris around the hair while supporting the scalp. In fact, this makes for an excellent dandruff control product because it helps eliminate some of the causes of this condition. Also, because it helps improve the circulation of the blood, it may also help reverse some of the effects of male pattern baldness as well.

Respiratory Issues: When used with essential oil diffuser products that can be breathed in, lavender oil makes for a wonderful way to fight colds, flu, sinus congestions, whooping cough, tonsillitis, laryngitis and more. The diluted oil can also be applied on the neck, back or chest as well to help improve the circulation of the blood. The anti-bacterial qualities also help destroy the germs and bacteria present, which can actually shorten the duration of the illness.

In addition, lavender essential oil has a number of positive effects on the body without any of the unwanted side effects that other prescribed products posses. This means that you can use this oil on a regular basis without worry of suffering any long-term effects. 

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