Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Essential Oils to Help Promote Relaxation

There are a number of essential oils on the market that may help reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. While all of them work to a certain degree, some do work better than others. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety on a daily basis, it is very important to find relief quickly. This is because the stress can build up over time to create significant wellbeing issues.

The following are considered to be effective essential oils for relaxing the mind and body, which in turn may help reduce anxiety and stress.

Roman Chamomile

Arguably the most familiar as so many people have heard of chamomile tea. The effects of chamomile as part of an aromatherapy treatment are just as beneficial as this slightly fruity smell helps people to unwind and relax from the day’s events. The oils themselves are taken directly from chamomile flowers, which have been used in therapies for well over 2,000 years.


Certainly one of the most common of the essential oils, lavender is arguably one of the very best when it comes to helping people reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives. Although the oil is distilled directly from the flower itself, there are actually over 150 different elements that are found inside the oil that offer a powerful healing effect. The scent of lavender is very soothing and relaxing while the oil does contain elements useful in bolstering the immune system.

Clary Sage

Another powerful essential oil that may help to reduce anxiety and stress, Clary Sage has been the subject of numerous studies and is suggested to be one of the best for this particular use. This is especially true when this oil is combined with lavender, rosemary and peppermint. While certainly not a cure for the conditions of anxiety and stress, it is one that offers a potent temporary effect that may even help those who suffer from mild symptoms of depression.

Rose Geranium

For many, this is the oil that really works to bring them out of a funk. The strong scent of flowers is something that is quite enjoyable and provides a strong feeling of relaxation in the process as well. Studies have shown that people exposed to the smell feel more relaxed and even less irritable. By helping people feel calmer, rose geranium offers a potent way to relax the mind and body.


This is one of the oldest essential oils, which is also used as a sedative to help people relax and calm down. By promoting deep breathing and reducing the blood pressure, frankincense creates calm within the body that people can feel very quickly. For those who are living in stressful situations or have constant battles with anxiety, this is the one oil that may offer powerful relief. Most often used in a vaporizer or an essential oil diffuser, frankincense offers potent relief from the feelings of anxiety and can effectively combat stress as well.


The woodsy odor that emanates from sandalwood is not only intoxicating it also has a powerful effect on reducing the feelings of anxiety and stress. There have been numerous studies on the effects of sandalwood and the results showed a lessening of anxiety and stress, which proved to be very beneficial to all of those who were exposed to the essential oils of this product. In addition, sandalwood has shown to be very effective when it comes to improving sleep and has been used in massage therapy as well.


Another familiar flower, the essential oil from this product has been proclaimed by some to be one of the best anti-anxiety products available. While studies have been mixed on exactly how powerful jasmine is comes to reducing anxiety, there is no question that it works quite well to reduce tension and stress. For many, the smell of jasmine is more than enough to help them relax and greatly reduce the amount of stress that they are feeling.

Sweet Marjoram

While not as familiar as many of the other essential oils, sweet marjoram helps improve the circulation, which in turn causes a greater feeling of health and wellbeing in the body. This has an indirect, but powerful effect on reducing anxiety and providing relaxation as well. As with sandalwood, this is an excellent essential oil for use in combating insomnia and can be combined with other oils such as lavender to provide a greater effect.


Emanating from the unripe citrus fruit from bitter orange trees, bergamot oil will cause a state of greater relaxation as well as providing genuine relief from stress. In addition, the fruity scent is quite pleasing with many people enjoying that particular aspect of this remarkable oil. One particular study showed that bergamot actually provided a corticosterone response in the brain to the effects of stress. Essentially, this essential oil created a physical response and not just a psychological one. For many people, bergamot is arguably the best essential oil for reducing the feelings of anxiety and tension, which means that for those who are suffering constantly from these conditions may consider trying this particular oil for their needs.

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