Sunday, July 12, 2015

Giving Gifts Is the Best Feeling Ever

They say it’s always better to give than to receive; it is indeed true that when you give gifts to others, you get the best feeling ever. Generosity is a great quality, and whether you spend a lot or nothing at all for a particular present, it’s always appreciated.

True happiness is not really when you receive a lot of gifts. Imagine it’s your birthday. As you age and grow older, you probably realize that you appreciate the presence of your loved ones during your special day than the presents they bring. The value of gifts also does not matter a lot anymore. Even if the present you receive is a simple kind of kindness such as a friend offering to wash your dishes, a homemade greeting card or a thousand-dollar bag or pair of shoes, its effect is the same. Well, unless of course if you know that the giving person is insincere such as a person who gets a 6-digit paycheck monthly sends a less-fortunate brother who will most likely feel cold the coming holiday season just a couple of dollars’ worth of cheap socks!

"Happiness … Consists in giving, and in serving others" 
Henry Drummond

Whether you believe in karma or not, you must in some way believe that “you get what you give.” The best kind of giving is one that promotes inner peace when you don’t expect anything in return. Random acts of kindness such as bringing gifts to the homeless every Christmas or celebrating your birthday with senior citizens in a nursing home in your town gives an indescribable sense of happiness. While receiving gifts is nice, the most rewarding feeling that any human can ever feel is when he or she has given something to someone knowing that the person given the gift can offer nothing in return. Perhaps most of us have already experienced giving something to the less fortunate. Especially when the person in need did not expect your act of kindness and has shown a lot of appreciation, no amount of money or gifts will ever match that feeling.

In the office setup, there are some who would prepare gifts to each and every person in their department during the holidays. Not a lot of people are actually like that. Gift preparation will cost money and takes a lot of time too especially if you decide to personalize each present from its wrapper to its gift tag. This person who prepared all these gifts most likely knows that not all those people who he or she gave a present too will give him or her something in return. The appreciation, expression of thanks and the beautiful smiles thrown at the gift-giver is priceless!

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love,"
Lao Tzu
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