Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Habits to Emulate From Giving People

Gift giving is not easy – it is easier said than done! Everyone wants to be on the receiving end, instead. But there is something unique about giving people [particularly if they are none the richer, not a household name or even highly accomplished] that makes all of us gravitate more towards them: they give without expectation of return. They give liberally, selflessly because they find true happiness in giving. Such people are admirable and exude a lot of respect.

But what exactly do they give?

1. Gift of Praise

Few words of recognition are enough to make someone feel inspired or better yet, great. Giving people know that too well. It’s not [always] about giving tangible gifts but also providing a spark of praise that might just help him or her reach their true potential because, after all, everyone does something well – yes, even relatively poor performers.

2. Gift of Requesting Help

Asking for help is easy but giving people redefine ‘asking’ by asking for help when the assistance is [more] personal – which is harder. They do so because they know their asking will give a lot in return to the other person in terms of self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect. Asking for help gives them the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in your life. And that’s a greater gift.

3. Gift of Patience

There’s no finer way to show how much you care than giving the gift of patience. It’s among the precious few gifts that are becoming so rare. Giving people enjoy giving this gift because it is the single best way to express their genuine confidence and patience, in an extraordinary way.

4. Gift of Privacy

Since the advent of Internet, lives have changed. We’ve suddenly become open books. We ‘share’ and ‘like’ everything. And worse, we want to know everything about people’s lives – since privacy is no longer a thing to respect. Gift giving people not only respect people’s lives but also help them guard it. They subscribe to the maxim that you don’t necessary have to know to care.

6. Gift of Opportunity

Few people, a special few people, are willing to help you find and seize opportunities in life. Giving people are among the precious few who will feel your personal dreams and help you work towards achieving them. Their gift of opportunity helps open doors in people’s lives that would’ve otherwise remained closed till kingdom come. Find a giving person and you find a treasure [worth keeping].

7. Gift of Sincerity

It’s not easy to show sincere excitement to people when things go well in their lives, at least for many people. It gets even harder when they achieve more in life than you have. Giving people, however, are highly professional yet also openly human. They will worry with you. Openly empathize with you. And openly celebrate you because their gift of sincerity is genuine.

There are many other gifts that giving people are willing to show [and bestow]. They will also give the gift of love, of respect, of freedom and even of purpose. Perhaps the best gift they can give to anyone is the gift of themselves – and the gift of knowing why you need someone as caring as them.

"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have" - Jim Rohn

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