Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to Improve Your Karma Through Good Actions and Deeds

Karma is basically the law of cause and effect that a person brings about due to their own actions. What you sow is what you reap and so if you want to improve your karma you have to be willing to do it through good actions and deeds. Bad actions and deeds will cause your life to reflect bad karma resulting in misery and suffering, while the opposite will bring good and happiness into your life.
There are many ways to improve your karma. These include things like charity work, selfless acts, and other events such as:

1. Giving Gifts Can Bring Good Karma

If someone performs the act of giving gifts of the heart and not just because you feel you have to give a gift, then it can definitely bring good karma into their life. That’s because it is the act of putting others ahead of ourselves and being able to do something without expecting a return gesture. Gifts bring joy to the receiver and can also make the giver feel good as well. For instance, the act of giving food to a less fortunate child or the gift of giving a warm coat to a stranger in the cold are all good and self-less actions.

2. Compliment someone

Make someone happy by paying them a compliment. It takes little effort to tell someone that they look nice or that they did a good job. It is a positive act that raises positive energy around you. By choosing to do something nice, you are lifting your karma potential.

3. Do a secret good deed

If we do something for someone else and they don’t know who did it, then this too can raise your karma. For instance, you can give gifts during the holiday season to your coworkers or sponsor a poor family and provide them all the fixings for a holiday meal. Or, you can pay for the person behind you in line at the drive through or toll booth. Soon, nice things are likely to start showing up in your life too!

4. Be respectful to people around you

If you show respect to the people around you, then you are showing that you also deserve to be treated respectively. We are all creatures of the universe and have a place here on Earth, so be kind to one another and help to create good karma.

5. Be thankful for what you have

It also is a good karma booster to choose to be thankful for your life and everyone and everything in it. Tell your partner you love and appreciate them. Kiss your children. Tell your co-workers they did a good job. Giving thanks for all that is in your life makes you and those around you feel good and that’s what good karma is all about.

6. Be honest in all you do and say

Lying is a way to invite bad karma and whether you believe it or not, it is possible to live a life full of truth instead of lies. Even a so called white lie can hurt someone you love and cause bad karma to come into your life. So, be honest and always tell the truth in all situations wherever you go.

7. Do some volunteer work

Everyone is good at something and so another way to get good karma in your life is to offer your services and do some volunteer work. It could be anything from serving meals at a food bank to walking dogs at a shelter or maybe you can just volunteer to babysit for a hardworking mom who needs a break from her toddler. Whatever you do, it can bring joy to both you and the ones you help. So, volunteer at your local senior living home, wrap packages during the holidays or perhaps even teach a class at the recreation center. It all works to spread good karma.

8. Turn the other cheek

If someone hurts you or does you wrong, the immediate reaction is likely to be hurt them back or get revenge. However, that only spreads bad karma. Instead, be the better person and turn the other cheek. This is a very hard challenge, but the hard challenges spread the best karma in your life. Be the better person and turn the other check when someone does you wrong.

9. Learn to forgive and forget

Learning to forgive someone for wronging you is a hard thing to do, however, if you master this deed it will definitely bring good karma into your life. When we hold a grudge against someone, it blocks our karma from increasing. However, if we forgive them then it releases that blockage of good karma and we can get the benefits that God wants us to have.

10. Bring more love into the world

Love is a wonderful way to spread good karma. Love is special, love is kind and it bears all things, and brings hope to all things. Love is always patient, kind and good. Spread a little love today!

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