Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

The use of essential oils has become all the rage these days because of the wellbeing benefits that come from them. However, when we do talk about these types of oils, there is very little known about citrus essential oils and their advantages.

Citrus oils are, as its name suggests, oils that come from citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, limes, mandarins, and tangerines. Today, however, we will be talking about all the good that is in lemon essential oils.

Lemons may be better known for its use in the kitchen: to add taste and aroma to the food or to use as a refreshing drink that is both delicious and inexpensive. But, did you know that lemon oils have quite a lot of health advantages, too?


If you have dull skin then using lemon essential oils is highly recommended for you. Its detoxifying nature can help rejuvenate tired and sagging skin giving you the healthy, youthful glow. Aside from that, lemon oils can also help treat pimples and other skin disorders as it removes excess oils from the skin.


Did you know that lemon oil could be very effective in eliminating dandruff? A lot of people who use lemon essential oils have also found that they are able to obtain strong, health and shiny hair just by applying it on their crowning glory.


Lemon scented fresheners have been around for some time now – and for good reason. You see, lemon oil has a calming nature that helps in eliminating fatigue, anxiety, tension, exhaustion, nervousness and dizziness. You have probably noticed that once you inhale the scent of lemon, all the bad feelings go away and are replaced with more positive emotions. Putting in some lemon oil freshener in work areas have been known to help increase employees’ concentration and alertness all throughout the day. Lemon oils may even be added to perfume and soap for the all-day, everyday good feeling.

Other Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oils

The calming nature of lemon oils have also been found to be effective in helping people who suffer from insomnia sleep better. Others have also found it extremely useful when treating asthma. Inhaling lemon oils help in clearing the sinuses and nasal passages thus allowing better air flow and steady breathing.

The lemon oils’ essential qualities are purifying, invigorating and uplifting and can change anyone’s bad mood.

Other Uses of Lemon Oils

Did you know that aside from its health benefits, lemon essential oils could also be useful around the home? Lemon has been known to help not just in cleansing the body but also in cleaning out the dirt in the dishes, clothes, and even metal surfaces. It is an effective disinfectant so it can be used to clean out kitchen utensils.

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This article is solely for informational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Always consult with a professional health care practitioner before making any changes to your health and wellness routine.