Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thoughtful Gifts to Give to Your Partner

Giving gifts is something that acts as tokens of our affection to friends and loved ones, especially when we give gifts to our partner or significant other. The idea of giving gifts means that we love, appreciate and value them. Gifts also work to connect us to each other and the way and the type of gift given means more as the relationship goes on, as it takes a lot of thought and consideration to make sure the gift comes from the heart and is not just an obligation.

Here are some thoughtful gifts that you can give to your partner that mean a lot more than just some trinket, gift card or an expensive present from a department store.

1. Gifts that show you truly understand your partner

A gift doesn’t have to be a tangible item like something you buy in a store. For instance, words of affirmation or a verbal compliment or an encouragement can actually be a true gift for someone. If you tell your partner that you appreciate them by thanking them for doing something like doing the chores around the home, or encouraging them if they are trying to lose weight or train to run a marathon or compete for a promotion at work. It’s a real gift for them to know that you understand them and value what they are doing.

2. Spend some quality time with your partner

People want to be loved and to love in return. It’s vital for partners to have time together that is not just both of you sitting in the same room watching TV or playing with your phone. Make it a true gift by actually being with each other 100 percent. Have a conversation, take a walk together, and build some true memories of being one with each other. Give them a back rub or just hold them. Touch is something that many people crave but they don’t know how to ask for it. That is a gift indeed.

3. Do an act of service for your partner

Another fantastic gift for a partner is doing things that are acts of service. For instance, if your partner is the one who always makes dinner or who always picks up the groceries or goes to pay the bills, then you can do that for them as a surprise and then make sure the extra time they get they can do something they really love. This makes a big impression on a partner and shows you really love them. Try to think of all the things they need to have done to help them out and this gift can really go far.

4. Give your partner the gift of time

Sometimes two partners need to have time for themselves, to have some emotional space to help them reconnect and figure out who they are. This can happen if one or the other partner is having some sort of crisis. Sometimes it isn’t a good idea to bug them about it and put more pressure on the situation. Sometimes we should just give them some time to figure things out. For instance, let them have one night a week to be alone or have their own hobby activity, wait for them to share it with you and build their own personality separate from you. Yes, partners should want to be together, but we don’t have to be each other’s everything and only thing, that just isn’t healthy.

5. Give the gift of not criticizing your partner

There isn’t anything that will make a relationship go bad as fast as always being negative and always criticizing them. Things like nagging, arguing, eye rolling, turning your back on their needs, etc. are things that will rot a relationship and turn it bad fast. Who wants to be around someone that is always putting them down? It is a super gift to a partner to not criticize them. Instead, look for the positive in them. If there are problems, try to approach them in a less negative manner. For instance, if you feel your partner is not doing their fair share of the chores, then find a way to tell them lovingly, don’t do it by nagging.

6. Give the gift of being attentive to your partner

Another thing that we all need to do is to actually listen to our partners. No one likes to be ignored and if we do it to our partners they feel neglected. We all need to learn to take time to actually pay attention to each other and do things like share what we are doing at work or school, tell each other our feelings, etc. Learn to ask each other about your day, for instance, or ask how things are going at work. It’s vital to give the gift of giving your attention to each other, after all, we are supposed to love each other, right?

7. Put together a care package for your partner

If you really want to give someone a tangible gift, then make a special care package for your partner. For instance, put some things in it that will make them smile like love notes, funny pictures of yourselves, packs of their favorite snacks or drinks, things that will help them remember good times like a souvenir from a favorite restaurant or other destination. If they are going out of town for business, you can also stick in things like pens, pencils, notebooks, puzzle books or a book to read, mints, batteries or a charger for their phone or laptop, etc., just some nice little things they might need on their trip. 

All in all, gifts, especially thoughtful gifts are hard to come by, especially for giving to our partners and other loved ones. So, take a moment and figure out what the word gift really means and how you can make things better for your partner’s life.

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