Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Beauty of Cast Iron Teapots as Tea Gifts

Teapots are a utility in the homes of the enlightened and style-savvy in society. In most homes, where you are likely to find them, it serves as an indication of family presence. A cast iron teapot adds class to your normal range of teapots and is likely to be found in the homes of company executives, top management and retiring professionals. A Teapot is handy and as a part of tea gifts, it is likely to be put to use almost immediately by the recipient. It is, therefore, one of the very fitting gift ideas on our store.

As one of the gift ideas that are fitting for corporate purposes, a cast iron teapot can be a stand- alone gift or added as part of a gift pack that is made up of various tea gifts. Tea consumption is a fad for various people across the social demography, but men, the elderly and the aged are known to consume it more than any other group of people.

Origin, Design and Qualities

The Cast Iron Teapot originated from Japan and is ascribed to the 17th-century era. The oriental influences can be seen in the shape and size that are commonly available as tea gifts. They come in different colors with shades of grey, green, black, white brown and other silhouettes. The design types also vary with some in flowery hue, horizontal lines, Pokka dots and more

Gifts Ready To Go

These following are specific brands that are fitting as gift ideas

Black and Gold Dragon Phoenix Cast Iron Tea Gift Set:
The Dragon and Phoenix points to good fortune, power and strength in Japanese mythology and will be well received by any beneficiary. It is made of enamel for internal coating and an exterior of durable cast iron.

Silver and Bronze Japanese Koi Cast Iron Combo Tea Gift Sets:
This koi Cast symbolizes perseverance, courage and good fortune in Japanese culture.

Large Black Bamboo Cast Iron Combo Tea Gift Set:
Our large Black Bamboo Cast Iron Combo Tea Gift Set makes a great gift. The Bamboo design signifies endurance and perseverance in Japanese culture.

What is the Right Season for Tea Gifts?

The Cast Iron Teapot fits into a list of gift ideas for all seasons. People drink tea all the time, and for many, it is a daily routine that cannot be overlooked. To others, it might as well do for a couple of times in a week. However, it is a fitting item on any list of gifts under consideration.

Who is a Fitting Recipient of Tea Gifts?

Anyone who loves tea is a good candidate to receive a Cast Iron Teapot as part of tea gifts or a standalone item. Drinking tea has many health and wellbeing benefits and coupled with an elegant cast iron teapot set this can make the experience even more enjoyable.

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