Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wellbeing Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

For centuries, sandalwood essential oil has been considered as a staple in a variety of cultural and spiritual ceremonies. It has also been popular in the Indian Ayurvedic system and has been used in the western world as a common ingredient for fragrances, incense and cosmetics. Sandalwood essential oil is sweet, rich, earthy, woodsy oil that is extracted from heartwood of mature Sandalwood trees (Santalum album) and is commonly used in aromatherapy practices. Sandalwood is believed to have many benefits, which makes it a common choice in alternative healing. Backed with extensive historical use, it is not at all surprising why it is still popular to this day and even given as a unique gift idea because of its wide array of uses. Keep on reading the rest of this article, and you will know more about its benefits, which will surely convince you to consider it when thinking of the perfect gifts.

The Many Applications of Sandalwood Essential Oil

When applied topically, sandalwood has been known to deliver a variety of benefits for skin’s health. It can help in making the skin softer, by helping it to retain its moisture. It is considered to be an excellent astringent, and cicatrisant, which helps in the reduction of scars and the faster healing of wounds. Aside from topical application, steam inhalation can also be done with the use of sandalwood essential oil.

It is also worth noting how sandalwood is a part of the family of essential oils perfect as a sedative. If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, it will prove to be helpful. It can also help to induce sleep and treat insomnia, such as through just applying it in your pillows. It can also be used (diluted in carrier oil) for massaging your temples to provide you with a relaxing feeling and to distress.

Sandalwood essential oil has also been credited for its ability to boost memory by being able to improve concentration, which in turn is done by being able to keep the brain relaxed, cool, and free from stress.

If you know someone who has hypertension, the oil from sandalwood will be a good thing to consider for unique gift ideas. It is known to be hypotensive, which makes it able to reduce the possibility of suffering from high blood pressure.

Using sandalwood essential oil as a body deodorant is another benefit worth noting. Many of the commercially available deodorants in the market may contain harsh ingredients, which can cause damage to the skin even if it protects you against perspiration. With sandalwood, on the other hand, you do not have to be worried about possible skin irritation since such will surely not happen. As an organic deodorant, this will not only help to fight odor as a result of sweating, but will also be effective in the reduction of dark circles in your underarms.

Muscle spasms can also be considered as another relevant application of sandalwood essential oil as it is known for being antispasmodic. Spasms and contractions of the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves will be relieved.

Amongst the essential oils available, sandalwood is considered to quite effective when it comes to the reduction of inflammation. By being anti-inflammatory, this will be a good alternative in the treatment of inflammation in the brain, digestive system, and nervous system, among other areas such as insect bites and wounds. Sandalwood essential oil tends to be particularly effective against nervous and circulatory inflammations.

Lastly, sandalwood essential oil will also be perfect as a diuretic. Because of being diuretic, coupled by being an antiseptic as well, which allows it to aid effectively in the treatment of infections of the urinary system, which is done through being an agent in flushing out the harmful toxins in the body. If you know someone suffering from urinary tract infection and other problems associated with urinating, sandalwood will surely make a good gift.

Perfect Choice for Unique Gifts

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This information is solely for informational purposes only. This is information is not intended to provide any medical advice, cure or treatment.