Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mind, Body and Spirit Healing Powers of Candle Therapy

It is said that the flame of a candle is a metaphor for the soul. There is a tranquil, yet hypnotic atmosphere that is created by the candle’s flame which allows those who undergo candle therapy to go to a very special place. Of course, being able to harness the energy being released is the most important part of candle therapy.

What is Candle Therapy?

This is where the candle acts as the central part of a meditation or therapy session which helps provide peace and tranquility to the soul. The candle acts as its own object that may be considered a reflection of yourself in terms of energy and vibrancy. By using the power of candle energy, you can reflect upon the ethical and spiritual changes that you undergo on a daily basis.

In addition, the burning of the candle becomes a symbol of our own desires or it can act as reminder of dreams that you want to fulfill. In any case being able to focus on the energy of the candle means that you can better harness the power that lies within yourself.

How to Use Candle Therapy?

There is actually more than one way to utilize the power of what candles provide. The number of different ways that candle therapy can help consists of the following;
  • Aromatherapy
  • Color therapy
  • Energy Medicine and Meditation

Used separately or together, each of these methods offer a means for those who want to promote the healing process or find effective meditation that works for their needs. For many, finding the right approach will help them achieve more inner peace and center their lives so that they feel less stress and anxiety and enjoy more energy.

Aromatherapy: This type of therapy has been around for quite some time and uses different odors that come from essential oils that are imbedded in the candle itself. The scent of the oil is released into the room which in turn provides an effective means of relaxing the body. This is because of all the senses the sense of smell is the only one that is directly connected to the brain which means that the right odors will have a considerable effect.

Color Therapy: This is a very popular method for meditation as the different colors provide for a different effect on the mind, body and spirit. By utilizing the proper colors, this type of therapy can offer a considerable effect. What follows are just a few of the many colors available.
  • White: Promotes unity, purifies the body and provides peace.
  • Green: Stimulates growth, brings about greater luck and fortune.
  • Black: Absorbs negative energies, brings peace and can be used with a white candle.
  • Red: Promotes love, strength and passion along with healing.
  • Orange: Enhances friendship, soothes the nerves and promotes healing.
  • Yellow: Enhances meditation, communication and learning.
  • Blue: Brings healing, forgiveness, and helps with balance.

Energy Medicine and Meditation: For many people, this is the type of candle therapy that they will engage in, although it can be combined with other types that promote health and wellbeing. By creating a powerful line of energy from the candle, you can utilize it for your own needs in terms of finding peace and relaxation or turning it into a source of power to set new goals. By feeding off the energy that the candle provides, you can create an effective source of meditation that will help you achieve your own personal goals for success.

How to Use Candle Energy?

Using the energy from a candle is relatively simple as long as you follow the basics. This means that whatever candle therapy course you choose, it is best that you charge your candle before lighting for maximum efficiency.

Before you begin, find a quite, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Once the candle is lit you’ll want to hold it in your hands at the level of your heart. Be sure that you use a candle holder or something that will catch the wax so that it does not burn your hands or drip onto your body. At this point, you will need to visualize the area of your life that you want to make changes. This is important because focusing your mind on these areas will help you visualize your goals in a clearer manner.

You’ll want to be in a positive frame of mind so that you can get the most out of your candle therapy session. Remember, you are the one who is creating the reality from the energy of the candle and your own thoughts. All you really need is a few minutes to absorb the energy that is being delivered by the candle as well as combining it with aromatherapy or other methods. What you focus on will come true in time if you use the energy in the proper manner. While it may not be immediate, experience shows that it will happen when the time is right.

Patience is a real virtue when using candle therapy as it allows you to focus on your goals in a safe, positive manner. This is particularly true when you are using soy candles that have no toxins and are very safe to use on a daily basis. For those who really want to find themselves and garner the energy that candles can deliver, this type of therapy will be right for your needs.

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