Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Say It With Silk Flower Arrangement Gifts

People say that if you want to say something to somebody you care about, you should say it with flowers, and for the most part, that is absolutely correct. We’re now in the midst of fall, which means the winter is now fast creeping up on us, and as a result, so too is the holiday season in December. If you have loved ones, or a loved one, that you truly want to spoil this holiday season, what better way to do so, than with a beautiful silk flower arrangement? Silk flower arrangements can make the ultimate gifts for all occasions, yet many of you are probably wondering what makes them any better than regular flowers. Well, to help answer this question, plus to give an idea of why these beautiful arrangements make such delightful gifts, here’s a look at a few reasons why you may want to consider spoiling a loved one with them this holiday season.

They look amazing – Real flowers in full bloom look fantastic, there’s no getting around that, yet sadly, real flowers quickly wither and die, turning into a dry, crunchy, brown and faded mess that leaves your home looking untidy and unkempt. Well, with silk flower arrangements, you get to enjoy amazing looking lifelike flowers in full bloom, at all times of the year. With common and highly popular products such as calla lily flower arrangements, a bouquet of roses, or even a classic daisy arrangement, all of your flowers will look bold, vibrant, and colourful, all year long.

No maintenance – Another downside to real flowers is the fact that, whilst looking great in perfect conditions, keeping them in your home on display can make them pretty temperamental. If you place them on a windowsill for example, a cold breeze or draft could kill them. If they’re in direct sunlight, sometimes the sun reflected through the window can make them too hot and can kill them. Even placing them above radiators or fireplaces can dry them out and kill them. On top of that, they also shed leaves, and need watering regularly. Silk flower arrangements however, require no maintenance and, as they’re made from silk, can be placed anywhere in the home, at any time. Why not place a lily centrepiece on your mantelpiece or table, or even a hydrangea berry wreath to really go with the festive side of things?

They feel great – Another very impressive benefit associated with silk flower arrangements is the fact that these gifts not only look great, they also feel amazing as well. As they’re made from soft silk, they feel soft, smooth, and incredibly lifelike.

So much variety – In the past, if you wanted silk flower gifts, you were limited to roses, and perhaps, if you were lucky, a lily or an orchid as well. Well, times have changed and nowadays there is so much variety that choosing the perfect silk flower arrangement has never been easier. Just a few examples include: Roses, orchid flower arrangements, calla lily arrangements, vibrant spring flowers, large hydrangea planters, and much, much more besides.

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