Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tea Gifts Make Excellent Gift Ideas

When it comes to great gift ideas, tea gifts are usually one of the best. This is because tea is universally appreciated and enjoyed by millions of people on a daily basis. Even those who may not like coffee will often take a little time out of their day for tea either served hot or cold.

There are several reasons why tea is so special in the lives of millions of people, starting with its good taste and continuing with its great health benefits.

History of Tea

Tea plants are native to East Asia and are believed to have originated in southwest China and northern areas of Burma. From that point, tea plants spread westward to India and north into larger areas of China. It is not exactly known when tea was first brewed, but it is believed that people began boiling tea leaves nearly 5,000 years ago along with other herbs which created a bitter, yet very stimulating drink.

Over the next few thousand years, drinking tea became commonplace in most of Asia and India. However, the Western world was not exposed to tea until Marco Polo journeyed to China and the subsequent British interest in India started the import of tea leaves. By this point, the Chinese had discovered the oxidation process which is used today to create the different flavors of tea.  

Today, the actual process of making tea has remained the same over the past few hundred years, but there has been an infusion of new herbs and flavors that has helped create a new renaissance in tea that is enjoyed the world over.

Tea – Delicious & Good for Wellbeing

Tea has become a worldwide staple for several reasons, but the most prominent of which is that it tastes good. Of course, any beverage that tastes good will have an important place when people eat or want to relax, but in addition to the good taste are the varieties of flavors that are available as well. Since the discovering of oxidizing the tea leaves, there have been many experiments with how to adjust the flavor of tea over the years.

In addition to the taste, the next most appreciated attribute are the benefits that tea brings to the mind and body. The overall sense of wellbeing that tea provides is thanks in large part to the many antioxidants in the tea that  suppress the free radicals which prematurely age the body. Free radicals cause damage to the skin, hair and nails which the antioxidants remove so that your body can heal itself naturally.

Furthermore, the many different vitamins, minerals and other helpful ingredients in tea helps to clean out the unwanted materials so that you can feel refreshed and improve your overall state of wellbeing. When consumed in moderation and during the morning or afternoon hours, tea is a welcome boost to the energy levels thanks to the low amount of caffeine. Tea that is free of caffeine offers a welcome respite for an evening drink.

Benefits and Beauty of Cast Iron Teapots

Of course, no tea gifts would be complete without having the proper cast iron teapot. Properly boiling the tea means having the right type of teapot that is conducive to creating the conditions necessary to ensure that it comes out right every time.

There are a number of benefits that a cast iron teapot offers when it comes to being a part of tea gifts, particularly for those who have never purchased or receive an iron teapot before.

Quick Heating: Cast iron conducts heat quite well and will respond quickly when setting it up on the stove. This means that the water for your tea will be brought to a boil quickly so that you can start enjoying your tea.

Even Heat: The heat also flows evenly through the bottom of the cast iron teapot which means that it will properly boil the water in a manner that is most conducive for the tea to be added.

Long Lasting: Because the heat needed to boil water is far below that of cast iron, you teapot will last a very long time with minimal maintenance. All you need to do is let the teapot cool down and then wipe with a dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture and remove any heat marks or stains.

Beautiful Design: Cast iron teapots are also beautifully designed which means that they will not only work well in boiling tea, but they will become a part of your kitchen that people will admire. The unique design of cast iron teapots certainly makes them a talking point in your kitchen.

Tea Gifts from Gifts Ready To Go

The beautiful tea gifts from Gifts Ready To Go shows off their ample catalog of choices that make for the perfect present to a friend, family member or loved one that really enjoys tea. A typical tea gift set includes the tea pot and two cups that match and sometimes a bag of tea that they can enjoy as well. For those who are giving the tea set, you can choose to include the tea or not depending on whether the recipient actually prefers their own blend or not.

For those who may not have their own gift set of tea, you can include a particular flavor that they may enjoy. Plus, for tea aficionados you also may want to include a cast iron teapot warmer that will keep the tea hot while not having to use the stove which makes it more convenient. In addition, you can choose the type of tea gifts where the color and design of the set matches the taste of the person. This way, you compliment their style while offering them the ability to brew tea the right way.

In the end, there are many tea gifts and sets that you can find at Gifts Ready To Go. They provide an exceptional selection at low, competitive prices so that you can get the perfect tea set or gifts of many different types for those in your life.