Sunday, January 10, 2016

5 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside

We’re living in a world, which appears to be increasingly ruled and governed by modern technology, which is advancing at a pretty astonishing rate every single year. Due to the fact that there are so many gadgets and gizmos, and because so many of life’s tasks and chores can now be performed via computer, or even a smart mobile phone or a tablet device for that matter, the human race in general, appears to be leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, spending much of its time indoors. Because of this, we should do all we can to spend more time in the great outdoors, marvelling in the spectacles of all that Mother Nature has to offer. Here are some reasons to spend more time outside.

1. You will get some exercise – One of the main reasons why it’s considered so important to spend more time outside is the fact that it will allow you to get more exercise. Whether you’re out hiking in the woods, cycling through mountain trails or coastal paths, or even simply walking the dog or playing sports at your local park with your friends, the fact is that if you are outdoors and active, you will be getting some beneficial exercise which not only helps with weight loss and management, but it also provides numerous other health and wellbeing benefits in the process.

2. Nature is a great stress reliever – Being stuck indoors staring at the same four walls on a daily basis can be pretty stressful and depressing, which is another reason why you should take the time to spend more time outdoors. Natural surroundings help to calm and soothe the soul, proving peaceful and tranquil surroundings that help make stress, anxiety, and depression, things of the past.  Just imagine sitting in a peaceful forest, listening to the water of a stream gentle trickle past your feet, as you relax, unwind, and listen to the birds gently singing. Even the mere thought of will almost certainly help to calm and relax your mind and body.

3. It’s a very humbling experience – It’s easy to take things for granted in today’s society, due largely to the fact that we have so much handed to us on a plate. If we want something for example, often all we need to do is search online and we can find it. By seeing nature up close and personal however, you can’t help but feel humbled and awestruck at just how beautiful and resilient nature really is. Those trees for example, that stretch hundreds of feet into the air, are probably hundreds upon hundreds of years old, and will almost certainly be around long after we are gone. Even tiny insects and bugs can be extremely impressive when you see them up close. There’s just something very humbling about getting up close to nature that you can’t really feel via nature shows or documentaries on the television. Often, these things need to be seen in person to truly be appreciated.

4. It’s a whole lot of fun – The great thing about spending time outdoors in nature, is the fact that there are so many different ways of doing so, many of which are heaps of fun. Camping for example, really takes you back to basics and gives you a sense of survival and what it may have been like for our caveman ancestors millions of years ago. You can go on a leisurely cycle, breathing in fresh air and marvelling at the picturesque views surrounding you, or you can really keep things basic and just go for a nice peaceful stroll through your nearest countryside. You can bird watch, take photos, play games, follow nature trails, and much more besides, providing much more entertainment than a computer ever could.

5. You can benefit from nature’s raw aromatherapy with flowering plants and trees releasing natural aromas and scents in the air that you breath. These aromas will have a positive effect on your mind and body, helping you feel more alive and in connection with nature.

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