Friday, April 22, 2016

3 Surprise Ways to Give Gifts

More often than not, when we think about giving gifts to our friends, family members, and loved ones in general, the two primary occasions that spring to mind immediately, are: Christmas, and, Birthdays. Whilst gifts are commonly associated with both occasions, there are many other celebrations in which gifts can be presented to people you care about. In reality, some of us choose to lavish our partners or loved ones with gifts for no particular reason, other than to show them how much we care about them. When it comes to gift ideas, you may wish to surprise the lucky recipient, which is where we come into the mix. If you purchase a piece of jewelry for somebody, if you simply wrapped the small jewelry box with wrapping paper, they would immediately know it was jewelry, which could take away a certain element of surprise, and indeed of fun, for that matter. If you wish to surprise your loved ones with gifts that you want them to know nothing about however, then continue reading below, as we look at 3 surprise ways to give gifts.

Oversized boxes – If you have a small-sized gift to give to somebody, it can be tempting to hide it in a huge box, as that way the recipient won’t be able to guess what is inside. You need to be careful here however, as they could get overly excited if the box was too big, as there is just something about huge presents and gifts that we seem to find ourselves drawn to. If for example, you are presenting them with an aromatherapy set, candles, or jewellery, place them inside slightly larger boxes before wrapping, as that way they certainly won’t be able to guess what is inside.

The double-bluff false packaging – Another great way of really surprising a loved one with a well thought out gift, is to place it inside an oversized box, but not just any old box, you want to place it inside the box of something boring that is certainly not going to get them overly excited. You could for example, place a gift-wrapped piece of jewellery inside an old toaster box, or drill box – something you know your partner is not going to be interested in. Then, once they open it and see what is really inside, the look on their face will be absolutely priceless.

Scavenger hunts – Scavenger hunts are a whole lot of fun to organize, and take part in, although there are some risks involved, and they do take a lot of work. Hide your gift somewhere that you know is safe, and then leave a set of clues around the area, with each clue leading to the next until they finally find the gift. If you have your partner running all over town however, by the time they get to the gift, they may be tired, so you had better make sure that it is a good one.

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