Monday, May 2, 2016

Creating a Tranquil Zen Style Home

With today’s hectic world, it can seemingly be difficult to find a place of rest and relaxation. Fortunately, you can turn you own home into tranquil zen-like setting without having to spend much money. By incorporating Zen principles into your interior design, you can create a very relaxing atmosphere.

Zen refers to meditation in the Japanese language and it reflects a more harmonious, relaxing, and balanced approach to life. While Zen offers no particular rules, it does flow along the lines of a minimalistic design with simple lines. It is a method that incorporates the best of interior design so that you can relax after a long day.

Here are ten simple steps you can employ to create a Zen-like atmosphere in your home that promotes better relaxation.

Go with Light, Natural Fabrics

You should choose fabrics that are light and natural which provide a sense of comfort and light to the room itself. The curtains for example should be heavy enough to block the incoming breeze and reduce noise, but also be made from natural fabrics such as wool, bunting wool, or linen.
In addition, you can incorporate blinds to control the amount of light entering the room so that it is just right. Plus, you’ll need to use good, high quality rods in order to get the proper support.

Softer Flooring

You can choose wood or parquet floors that offer a softer, natural feel in terms of material as well as color. It is generally best to select from light colors such as white or grey-types provided they match the rest of the room décor. In addition to wood and parquet, you can choose to go with resin flooring which can be very comfortable or wool carpets if you do not mind the extra maintenance.
Carpets made from wool or cotton should also match the décor of the room and you may find yourself combining several different types in order to get the right feel.

Earth Colors

One of the most prominent aspects of Zen design is the use of earth colors that come in soft tones such as beige, grey, or white. Each of these colors has the ability to invoke a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation. You want to create a sense of harmony in the home that pulls together all of the elements from the ceiling, walls, floors, and furnishings.

Basically, you combine a dominant color with matching objects and textiles that really work, such as beige and rosewood or perhaps white with moleskin. In this manner, you can match two colors that work together beautifully in bringing out a more peaceful tone.

Use Natural Light

You’ll want to forego the harsh florescent lights and provide room for natural sources instead that provide a calming atmosphere. You should consider different sources of light that will allow you to control the brightness and intensity in each area. Instead of a singular light from the ceiling, use a mixture of floor and table lamps to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Wall mounted reading lights are perfect for the bedroom which can be directed to where you want the light to be. You can go for some scented candles as well to add to the light while providing warmth.

Natural Scents

Soy candles are an excellent source of natural scents that can really augment the room and provide a level of peace and calm that you seek. You can also use fresh scent such as beeswax candles or linen spray that adds to the natural feeling inside each room. This works particularly well in the bedroom which provides a place of calm for sleep.

Keep Things Simple

The essence of Zen design is to eliminate the clutter and rely on clean lines. So, do not overload the walls with paintings or photos and cover your books with a monochrome paper so that you induce harmony and calm to the room. Simple touches go a long way, so do not overdo the ornaments or decorations.

Bring in Nature Where You Can

There are few things as calming as plants. The green colors invoke a sense of being outdoors and in calm, serene conditions. You’ll want to avoid flowers that give off less than pleasing scents however. You can also incorporate hanging terrariums or Bonsai trees that make for the perfect accent to your Zen décor.

Remove or Hide Electronic Devices

Electronic devices create distractions and disturb the essence of your Zen design. This means that you will need to remove them from the bedroom or at least hide them when not in use. So, your TV should be enclosed so that it provides a sense of calm and serenity to the room.

Simple & Natural Furniture

Arguably the most important contribution is the furniture and furnishings of your home. They should be simple and clean in design without any excess ornamentation or details that create a sense of clutter. In addition, the furniture should be made from natural materials such as wood to provide a strong sense of relaxation.

You can start by placing your bed near a source of natural light and well away from a place where people walk such as the front door or hallway. A leather, patchwork, or upholstered headboard will add to the comfort level. Plus, you’ll want your bed to be high enough off the floor to avoid the feeling of sinking into the floor. Around hip-level is a good height for the bed.

Also, keep the decorations in your bedroom to a minimum as well. You can use wool, fleeced, or molehair covers or throws to provide the natural, smooth lines needed for your bedroom. Plus, use different size pillows with unique pillowcases that you can arrange when you want to read or sleep. Simple nightstands are also a plus and will add to your décor. If you like to read while sitting in a chair, then choose one with simple lines that has its own space in the bedroom.

Finally, be sure to eliminate any clutter from your bedroom, living room, and other areas of relaxation. Clutter can actually prevent the room from becoming a relaxing environment, so be sure to clean things up as much as possible.

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