Saturday, June 18, 2016

4 Ways Gift Giving Can Promote Good Health and Wellbeing

We all enjoy being spoilt and lavished with gifts from time to time, and yet for many of us, gift giving and planning, can actually be just as enjoyable and beneficial as receiving gifts in the process. When it comes to gift ideas, some people are just naturally talented and can think of the most stunning and outrageous gifts that they know the recipient is going to absolutely adore. Then, on the flipside, there are people that are difficult to purchase for, and there are people that are perhaps, not all that great at buying presents in the first place. Despite this however, whether you are good or bad at giving gifts, studies have found that gift giving can actually promote good health and wellbeing, so giving and receiving presents could actually boost your health and well-being, and that’s certainly something well worth celebrating. Here’s a look at 4 ways in which gift giving can promote great health and wellbeing.

It can create happy memories – If you think back to certain Christmases or birthdays, there will almost certainly be ones that really stick in your mind as being your most favoured and happy, and when you think about the gift you received, it will be easy to understand why. When you cast your mind back, you will remember what you were given, how you felt, and how other people around you reacted to your happiness. Happy memories put you in a great mood, and being in a good mood is obviously much better than being in a bad mood.

It can cause the body to secrete happy drugs – When we’re happy, our bodies secrete hormones and chemicals that make us feel happy and content in life, with common examples being: endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. The happier we are, the more of these chemicals we produce. Whether we receive great gifts, we give great ones that make somebody we love, smile, or a combination of both, the happier we are, the more of these hormones we produce, and the cycle will go on and on.

It can increase our self-confidence – There are some people out there that feel disconnected from their families or their partners, and they may feel as if they don’t fully understand them. If however, you put a lot of thought into a gift that you think your partner/family member would love, and they do, this can increase your self confidence as it will help reinforce the fact that you know and understand your partner/family member better than you may have thought.

It strengthens relationships – Obviously no relationship should be based upon presents, because as the saying goes ‘money can’t buy love’. However, with that being said, giving the right gifts, at the right time, can actually prove extremely beneficial as it can help strengthen bonds and relationships. By giving your partner a gift now and then, or on special occasions, you are showing them that you care about them, which will only bring you both closer together.

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