Sunday, August 21, 2016

The True Value of Gifting

Gift giving is an essential social, economic and cultural experience; a social and material communication exchange, which is common across most human cultures and is instrumental for expressing feelings and preserving social relationships. There are different reasons why this particular behavior has been continuing since the ancient period. Presents are usually bestowed when celebrating important life events, nurturing personal relations, encouraging economic exchange, as well as socializing people into suitable behavior patterns. Actually, obligations within most society’s demand that people give presents receive and then reciprocate the same.

Why Gift Giving is Important?

A simple gift does and means so much more than people are aware of. Here are some of the main reasons why giving gifts is important and highly recommended in society.

Strengthening relationships – For most people in love relationships or even people who want to strengthen their relationships with their friends or family members, gift giving is an easy way to achieve this. By giving your friend or partner a gift, you are basically showing them that you appreciate them and the value that they add to your life. This will increase feelings of love from the other person and thus effectively strengthen the relationship.

Creating memories – Have you ever wondered why people give gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. Well, the reason behind that is simply because gifts can be used to symbolize these important life moments. You are more likely to remember an important life event by the gifts you received during that day than the people who attended the event.

Cherishing each other – Gifts are usually considered as extremely emotional and representational, allowing people to cherish each other without even using language. This is because they symbolize much more than the simple material present at hand. To give out something is basically giving a key part of yourself and showcasing your love for your partner, friend or family.

Saying thank you – It is always nice to say “thank you” with a personal gift where you connect your deep appreciation to the personal life of the recipient. When you show gratitude using a gift, it really goes beyond appreciation and can create a level of intimacy with the receiver. Obviously, you must ensure that the gift is actually relevant to what the receiver is interested in.

Bringing people together – Among the main reasons for gift exchange is to bring people together and preserve the social bonds or ties. That is why people usually share presents during Christmas to help in maintaining established relationships. Exchanging gifts helps to establish a healthy relationship, and also relationships can be re-affirmed through frequent gift exchanges. Recipient and giver roles are constantly changed to both bring two people together and to sustain the relationship.

Making the world a better place – Gifts are not only limited to giving to people you know, but you can also help make the world a better place by donating some presents to people in need. For instance, you can send silk flowers to a children’s unit at a hospital to ensure that you brighten up these young patients who may be suffering from serious health complications. The same case applies when sending gift ideas such as gift baskets to foster homes. The kids will be very glad to know that someone is looking out for them and that they are not alone.

The Value that Gifts Bring to the Giver and Receiver

Gifts benefit both the giver and receiver in different ways. Here is some of the ways gift giving benefits the giver:

Reduce blood pressure – Giving a gift to your family and friends could help you enhance your cardiovascular health. A study done on people who were fond of giving found that these people had lesser arterial pressure and general blood pressure compared to people who were not quite as generous.

Reduce stress – While hoarding money can be great for your finances, it is not very good for your overall health. Non-generous behavior could actually increase stress. Hence, by giving someone a gift, you will feel better, happier, self-satisfied and thus effectively reducing stress.

Longer lifespan – Engaging in gift giving can end up enhancing your longevity. By protecting yourself from negative effects of stress, you are basically going to live a longer and a more productive life. That is why there is a saying that it is better to give than to receive.

Enhances mood – When you engage in gift giving you will experience a certain high or elevation. Mood-boosting hormones getting released in the brain usually cause this. This effect is more noticeable when the generosity decision is voluntary.

Feel happier – Researchers have discovered that gift giving can make you feel happier about yourself and make it easier to trust and connect with different people. By building relationships through giving, you learn to appreciate people for their contributions to your wellbeing.

The receiver also benefits from receiving the gift and may even decide to reciprocate by sending a gift at a later date. However, the real benefit that the receiver appreciates is the time that the giver spends sourcing and buying the best gift. Hence, the gift is usually valued for all it represents rather that its tangible benefits. All in all, successful gift exchange requires effort, empathy, and appropriateness.

Where to Find Great Gift Ideas?

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